Compactus and mobile shelving are not just a good storage solution.  They can often be an office show piece or an impresive part of the working environment.  An investment in the business or dept and a high end finished product.  Not back of house racking.

That's why we are different.  We specialise in compactus.  We know compactus.  We understand compactus. We know that it has to:

Look great.  Work Well.  Be Safe. Save Time. Loved by Staff and Customers

No "call backs", is our aim.  "Call backs" bad.  We know that our customers spend a lot of time and money to sell their products.  A lot of work goes into making a sale, well before the trust is handed over to the installation contractor.  "Call backs" damage reputations and goodwill, cost money and usually detract from all the good work that has been done.

With years of experience and the willingnes to take on all the "Finicky" tasks, we can maintain the highest standard and detail on your installation and relocation.

Sometimes a refit or new sytem can be a once in a career oppurtunity for staff to be invovled.  Often large scale changes to working environments and procceses. This should be a positive experience, and our part is to deliver a quality service for our customer to make that happen. 

Compactus or mobile shelving is our specialty and we have installed all types into all places. All over Australasia. 

We also install all the other non finicky type shelving as well, such as   

Rolled edge or RUT or Panel.  

Angle or Post shelving.  


Pallet Racking.

Repairs and Maintenance

We repair and maintain mobile shelving or compactus.  

Ask about an annual check up for all your storage systems

We can re level your existing compactus, using laser level accuracy and years of experience.

Your compactus shelving should glide along freely on its tracks and wheels. If it doesn't move easily and effortless, then you should get it serviced.  Why struggle?

We can service all makes and types.

We can relocate your entire compactus and collection across the room or across the continent.


 Large objects or archive collections? We can relocate anywhere and anytime.  Contents are best moved with our unique specialized Shelving Trolleys.  

Shelving Trolleys enable the customer to access there records at anytime during a relocation.  This would normally involve packing/boxing up and removing your records while works are underway. This usually makes them inaccessible or very diffucult to access.  

With our specialized trolleys your collection is instantly accesed and visible. And can immediately be relocated at the same time as staff.

When a design works, your customers probably won't think too much about the work that went into getting to that stage. But before we start an installation, it's important that we understand what you want to achieve. Preparation is the key to efficient and timely results.  Quality is paramount.

Temporary & Portable Storage Hire

Hire Temporary Shelving or Portable Shelving to make your transitions pleasant and easy.  Don't struggle with a relocation when we can make it functional.

Moving Trolleys / Portable storage make your contents simply accessible during any relocation or office refit.  We can unload your existing collection/records onto our Portable Storage trolleys and relocate your existing shelving while you still access your records / collection.

Relocation trolleys, Portable Storage
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