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Electric driven compactus hydestor

Compactus Shelving Specialist's.

Mechanical Compactus wet storage

Based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and servicing Queensland and Australasia. We Specialize in Installation, Relocation, Removal, Maintenance, and Repairs. 

  • We can relocate and store all of your contents as well
  • We can supply new shelving for any type of storage requirement.
  • We have installed custom sized steel shelving, mobile shelving/compactus to all manner of industries including Museums, Hospitals, Government departments, National Archives, Universities.

A variety of compactus types are available to meet all Health and Safetry requirements including

  • Electric (touch pad operated)
  • Mechanical (handwheel operated)
  • Manual

We install all types of steel shelving

  • Pallet racking
  • Longspan
  • Library
  • Display
  • Rolled Edge , Panel Shelving


Moving into new premises or upgrading existing offices and storage can be an exciting, but stressful time! Will everything fit? Am I allowing for future growth?  We have helped many customers with successful installations and relocations that meet their needs today and into the future.

Contact us today  to talk about your needs.

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OEM & Supplier Installation Services

OEM & Supplier Installation Services

We know that our customers spend a lot of time and money to sell their products.  A lot of work goes into making a sale, well before the trust is handed over to the installation contractor.  "Call backs" damage reputations and goodwill, cost money and detract from all the good work that has already been done to create a sale.
With years of experience and the willingnes to take on all the "Finicky" tasks, we can maintain the highest standard and detail on your installation and relocation.
Sometimes a re-fit or new system can be a once in a career opportunity for staff to be involved.  Often large scale changes to working environments and proccesses.  This should be a positive experience, and our part is to deliver a quality service for our customer to make that happen.
Compactus or mobile shelving is our specialty and we have installed all types into all places, all over Australiasia.
We also install all the other non finicky type shelving as well

Installation is our Specialty!

We have installed hundreds of compactus shelving all over Australasia.  In all shapes and sizes and in types of places from bunkers to basements.  In every floor of sky rise buildings, on false floors suspended above the concrete floor.  In Prisons, Embassys, Military, Government, Universities, Schools, National Archives, Film Archives, film set.  

We install all types of shelving including Longspan, Angle Post, Display, Rolled Edge Panel, Pallet Racking

Pull out draws, museum archaeology. Mobile shelving, compactus, compactor Longspan and bolt-less shelving